Raven Smith


Dr. Monica Scott is truly a remarkable woman whose passion is demonstrated in the dedication that she puts forth in all of her clients. The first time I walked into Doctor Physical Therapy I did not know what to expect and to be quite honest I was not looking forward to the road I had ahead of me especially not knowing what that road would consist of. When I first walked into that door I was greeted with such a warm reception that immediately put me at ease. One of the first questions Dr. Scott asked me was what I wanted to get out of my sessions. This question alone showed me that she was truly interested in my recovery and wanted to make sure that she worked with me to reach the goals I had set for myself. Two months later Dr. Scott had exceeded my expectations of what I thought I wanted! Not only does her work reflect in her road to recovery in terms of getting the physical results but her infectious positive energy and genuine support transfers over to her clientele who are there to cheer you on in your journey as well! I can speak on behalf of each client that I have made genuine friendships with while there when I say it is Dr. Monica Scott who is the key component to your journey of recovery! I will continue to tell anyone that listens that Dr. Scott has a true gift to heal both physically and spiritually!