Jeanette Baker

I am writing this letter of reference to share how wonderful you are Dr. Monica J. Scott as well as your associate Suzanne Farmer and the rest of the staff.
Dr. Andrew Roberts Vascular Surgeon at Jeanes hospital diagnosed me with Lymphedema. That was after Ten years or more of Doctors appointments, closure procedures and many opinions on both sides of the bridge. Doctor Roberts recommended Lymphedema therapy. I called my physical therapist but his therapist did not have flexible hours. She was only available during the day and since I work full time I had to look for someone who could assist me after 4:30pm. Google led me to Doctor Physical Therapy and Dr. Monica J. Scott. When I called Dr. Monica was so personable I immediately felt at ease. I made my first appointment and it was a joy to go there.
I was treated with Lymphedema pumps on my legs and massage therapy. She also fitted me for thigh high stockings and picked them out for me so all I had to do was order them. They worked closely with my Doctor to order my own personal set of Lymphedema pumps which I use faithfully every night.
I didn’t have to go to Physical Therapy anymore but Dr. Monica assured me to call if I have any questions or need anything in the future. I would go back to her and her practice in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend her if anyone needs Physical Therapy in the future. Her positive attitude and friendliness made physical therapy very enjoyable. Thank you Monica J. Scott, Suzanne Farmer, and the entire staff at Doctor Physical Therapy for all of your help.