Patient Testimonials

  • Jeanne

    I cannot thank Dr. Monica Scott and associate, Suzanne, enough for the care I received at Doctor Physical Therapy. The therapy and manual massage techniques personalized to my needs of having Lymphedema in both legs and right arm, bone-on-bone arthritis in both knees, bowed left leg and the right leg larger that the left.  Dr. Monica showed me a better way to wrap my legs to get the best benefits out of my Ready Wraps to get them to stay on and the compression they are designed to help with having Lymphedema.  Not only has Dr. Monica helped me to feel better health-wise, but more confident about myself having multiple problems.  The friendly atmosphere at Doctor Physical Therapy makes you feel at home.

    Jeanne Ledden

  • Izzat

    Had some back issues after a bike accident, Doctor Monica was really helpful in giving tips and advice. Highly recommend!

    Izzat R.

  • Maria

    Getting great results from therapy and instruction in home care in managing lymphedema. Dr. Scott and her staff are friendly, knowledgeable and always smiling!

    Maria G.

  • Tracey

    Could have not have asked for a better physical therapist! Dr. Scott was wonderful and her staff was fantastic! She is very informative and explained everything about my injury in great detail. I trust her like family. The office is comfortable and clean, and they take great care in sanitizing the work area after use. I was sent home with an email program that demonstrated all of my at home exercises and instructions to call with any questions. And the Certificate of Completion gave me such a sense of accomplishment. Thank you so much Dr, Monica!!!

    Tracey E.

  • Dr Scott and Suzanne are two of the nicest people and make you eellike family! I received such wonderful treatment and care! I would highly recommend going here!

    Celeste C.

  • The office team and atmosphere are great! I enjoyed (and looked forward to) my therapy sessions in a relaxed environment. Through the exercises and sessions, the pain I had that necessitated therapy has yet to return and my flexibility is greatly improved. I also appreciated receiving text messages to remind me of upcoming appointments and that I could view my at home exercises online. Additionally, the exercises were also printed out with directions and clear photos to ensure that I would remember what to do outside the office. Dr. Monica, to me, is unique in that in everything she gave me to do or try she wanted to know how I felt, if I was feeling what I was supposed to feeling (in regards to muscles/stretching) and if something wasn’t working she offered alternatives. I highly recommend Dr. Monica to anyone who needs physical therapy.

    Natacha C.

  • Maryann

    She is the best. I felt so good after going to her.

    MaryAnn C.

  • Placeholder

    I am almost pain-free!

    My sessions at Doctor Physical Therapy have been a positive experience. I started with pain in my lower back from waist extending to right hip and thigh. The exercises I participated in helped to strengthen my lower back and leg. I am almost pain-free and feel confident that I can function at a level prior to this latest situation.

    Thanks, Dr. Scott, Suzanne, and their student assistant, I enjoyed my sessions at Doctor Physical Therapy and would wholeheartedly recommend their services to whoever is in need of Physical Therapy.

    J. Magee

  • We’ve never had a bad visit here.

    My daughter tore her meniscus, I brought her to Doctor Physical Therapy after a great experience I had here with my back. Doctor Monica is great with patients and will always take the time to make sure her patients are ok and progressing. We’ve never had a bad visit here and will recommend her to everyone I know looking for physical therapy. Thank you for all your help with my back and Abby’s leg.

    Chris Smedley

  • I was pleased that Dr. Monica Scott was able to diagnose the pain in my left arm so soon. My left arm required using exercise and ultrasound services. After completing a couple of physical therapy services, the needle pain was gone.

    Frank Camma

  • I have truly enjoyed my experience.

    I have truly enjoyed my experience and I have learned what I need to do to keep my body pain free and plan on keeping up with the exercise plan at home to stay healthy.

    Joanne Purcell

  • The setting was very comfortable and felt very welcomed. Awesome staff who deserve tons of recognition for their success. They helped me a lot physically and emotionally and I hope they get the best.

    Kathryn Dreyer

  • So pleased with my results! Love Miss Monica and Suzanne. Sometimes it’s tough but we always find something positive to focus on. Can’t recommend them highly enough!

    Judi Richter

  • I would like to say thank you Monica for all your help. You have made it so much easier to walk on my ankle after hurting it. You’re very welcoming and if I would ever need to have therapy again I will be back.

    Tanisha Brown

  • I had watched my mom do physical therapy for some of my childhood and so when I was told I was going to need it as well I was not too thrilled about it. At Doctor Physical Therapy there was never a day I didn’t feel comfortable about what was going to happen to me. Dr Monica has helped me tremendously within the past couple weeks and I don’t think the past couple weeks and I don’t think I would be feeling as good as I do now.

    Samantha Peisino

  • Good therapy instructions from Monica who is a very good therapist with all kinds of equipment in her building. If need help again will be back and will also recommend. Also Suzanne is a good aide. Makes you feel welcome.

    Wilma Belcher

  • This has been a great experience. I enjoyed my visits and looked forward to my weekly appointments. Also a very family friendly environment as I often had to bring my children with me.

    Jaclyn Martin

  • When I came to Dr. Monica Scott at Doctor Physical Therapy, my lower right side back pain was around a level 7. Within about a month, the pain decreased to zero. Dr. Scott is very knowledgeable, friendly and an expert in her field. I highly recommend Dr. Scott and her practice to anyone suffering from any pain and discomfort.


  • I am writing this letter of reference to share how wonderful you are Dr. Monica J. Scott as well as your associate Suzanne Farmer and the rest of the staff.
    Dr. Andrew Roberts Vascular Surgeon at Jeanes hospital diagnosed me with Lymphedema. That was after Ten years or more of Doctors appointments, closure procedures and many opinions on both sides of the bridge. Doctor Roberts recommended Lymphedema therapy. I called my physical therapist but his therapist did not have flexible hours. She was only available during the day and since I work full time I had to look for someone who could assist me after 4:30pm. Google led me to Doctor Physical Therapy and Dr. Monica J. Scott. When I called Dr. Monica was so personable I immediately felt at ease. I made my first appointment and it was a joy to go there.
    I was treated with Lymphedema pumps on my legs and massage therapy. She also fitted me for thigh high stockings and picked them out for me so all I had to do was order them. They worked closely with my Doctor to order my own personal set of Lymphedema pumps which I use faithfully every night.
    I didn’t have to go to Physical Therapy anymore but Dr. Monica assured me to call if I have any questions or need anything in the future. I would go back to her and her practice in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend her if anyone needs Physical Therapy in the future. Her positive attitude and friendliness made physical therapy very enjoyable. Thank you Monica J. Scott, Suzanne Farmer, and the entire staff at Doctor Physical Therapy for all of your help.

    Jeanette Baker

  • Dear Dr. Monica,I would like to “Thank you” for giving me back my life with little to no pain. When I came to your wonderful facility, it was very difficult to get out of bed, walk for a mile, sit or stand for more than a hour, to straighten up my back. I had become accustom to the constant aches, tightness and pain. After only two months of visiting your office, I can move easily. I am grateful for the many healing massages and stretching exercise that you performed. I am continuing to use the exercise that you showed me. I cannot “Thank you” enough for showing me that I did not have to endure a life of constant discomfort.
    Take Care,

    Nancy Bulter

  • Raven

    Dr. Monica Scott is truly a remarkable woman whose passion is demonstrated in the dedication that she puts forth in all of her clients. The first time I walked into Doctor Physical Therapy I did not know what to expect and to be quite honest I was not looking forward to the road I had ahead of me especially not knowing what that road would consist of. When I first walked into that door I was greeted with such a warm reception that immediately put me at ease. One of the first questions Dr. Scott asked me was what I wanted to get out of my sessions. This question alone showed me that she was truly interested in my recovery and wanted to make sure that she worked with me to reach the goals I had set for myself. Two months later Dr. Scott had exceeded my expectations of what I thought I wanted! Not only does her work reflect in her road to recovery in terms of getting the physical results but her infectious positive energy and genuine support transfers over to her clientele who are there to cheer you on in your journey as well! I can speak on behalf of each client that I have made genuine friendships with while there when I say it is Dr. Monica Scott who is the key component to your journey of recovery! I will continue to tell anyone that listens that Dr. Scott has a true gift to heal both physically and spiritually!

    Raven Smith

  • When I discovered Doctor Physical Therapy I was in a lot of pain due to my nerve damage. Immediately after walking in, they took me in and evaluated the extent of the damage. After testing, they knew exactly what to focus on over the last month. Monica J Scott, the physical therapist, has improved my condition greatly. The manager of billing and payments, Suzanne Farner, has also created a friendly and comfortable environment. I recommend Doctor Physical Therapy to anybody who suffers from injury.

    Susan Baresich

  • I am so glad that my sister in law told me about your physical therapy classes. The exercises have really helped a lot to diminish the pain in my back and hip.
    Dr Monica and Suzanne, I thank you for being so kind and loving as you cared for me.

    Catherine “Tillie” Smith

  • I had physical therapy from August to October 2016 for back problems. Right now, I am feeling fine, the treatment helped me to recover.I would recommend Doctor Physical Therapy to anyone that has back problems. As Monica Scott helped me to recover well. She is experienced and knowledgeable in her filed.
    Also, my thanks to Suzanne for helpful assistance.

    Maria Ridley

  • Placeholder

    Dr Scott has inspired me to achieve more than I expected. Her knowledge and wisdom are a gift from God. Dr Scott made physical therapy tolerable.

    Barry Stockinger

  • I found I lost quite an amount of swelling off my legs. My legs are more flexible than before. The sessions were fun and not at all tiring. I’d refer them to everyone.

    Robert Montgomery

  • Going to your best friend’s house for lunch is always such a pleasure, relaxing and fun time. Well, going to Doctor Physical Therapy is very much the same!
    Dr Monica is so pleasant, caring yet professional at the same item. Dr Monica is very attentive to each client. She is also hands on therapy when necessary.
    Overall my experience was very good. I would recommend Doctor Physical Therapy highly.
    Also, Suzanne, office manager, is as nice as can be. She is also very efficient and works with the client to schedule appointments convenient to them.

    Joni Rausnitz

  • I went to Dr.Physical Therapy on a referral from a friend. Absolutely the best suggestion I have followed in a long time. Dr. Monica Scott and her assistant Susan are on their game. Dr. Scott is thorough and very concerned about her patients well being. The expierence was delightful. Dr Scott maintained a very relaxed atmosphere while making my rehab a pleasure rather than a pain. During my visits there was never a large number of patients in the rehab center at one time. Thus I never felt abandoned while doing my exercises. The facility is clean and maintained well. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Scott to anyone.

    George Beatty

  • Jillian

    Dr. Monica Scott is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helps you reach your personal goals for physical therapy. She explains what she is doing and why she is doing it and makes it easy to understand without using all of that medical jargon. She shows that she does ultimately care for you and your injury and wants to see you improve and move on from physical therapy quickly, yet safely.

    I was pretty bummed out when I hurt my neck/shoulder and had to go to Physical Therapy. However, Dr. Scott had such a positive outlook on my injury and helped me understand that this was just a brief pause in my workout journey, not an ending. She was so uplifting and knowledgeable and was able to provide stretches and exercise modifications to help me not lose the muscle I had already built. She understood my needs and goals and continuously checked in to make sure that I was still able to work towards them, even though I was dealing with this injury.

    I’ve been to other physical therapists before where I felt like “just another patient with a shoulder injury.” Here at Doctor Physical Therapy, Dr. Scott and Suzanne make you feel like old friends and they’re both very easy to talk to and are genuinely concerned for you and your injury and are both rooting for you to get back on your way to recovery. I felt like my concerns and questions were listened to and met with a genuine answer. Highly recommended!

    Jillian Katherine

  • Placeholder

    Dr Monica & her staff were VERY friendly and professional. It was a great experience and they helped me increase my strength and flexibility. It was hard work but they helped me through. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Scott for Physical Therapy.

    Michael F.

  • Dr. Scott is compassionate, competent and professional, while maintaining a friendly composure. I am blessed to have found her, and appreciate her consistent care. I will certainly recommend her unequivocally to anyone who needs physical therapy. Suzanne was very helpful and thorough in planning my schedule, assisting me in ordering the equipment I needed to maintain my health, and answering any questions. She was always ready to help with whatever needed to be done.

    Cathy G.

  • My experience at Dr Physical Therapy was great, to the point where I looked forward to going my 2 to 3 days per week. Very nice atmosphere with a calming effect. Dr Monica Scott is very nice and caring.

    Gloria Walker

  • Dr. Scott makes you very comfortable and she is very thorough. I have had therapy twice and was very pleased both times. She shares her knowledge with you to make your rehab better. I think it helps you understand the reason for some of the exercises that you do. I definitely recommend this office and you won’t be disappointed.

    Dorothy T

  • I was recommended to Dr. Scott by my pain management doctor who said my muscles in my back were inflamed. I started going to Dr. Scott 16 weeks ago and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. My pain at the start was a 9 out of 10, when I completed my therapy it is a now a 2 out of 10, & because of other conditions it will never be a 1. Dr. Monica & Suzanne couldn’t be nicer. They made you feel like family. I left there every time smiling from conversations we had or just feeling good.

    Linda Reinius

  • I am extremely grateful for the services of Doctor Physical Therapy. I am sorry I fell but found myself in good hands. Her services are professionally rendered. Her office manager, Suzanne, is an extension of this firm’s success in making their patients feel better.

    J. Love